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Arik Air, which was founded in 2006, is the best airline to travel in Nigeria from London Heathrow. As it comes with the cheapest fare compared to the rest airlines, either direct or indirect.

Earlier, it was just from London Heathrow to Nigeria, its hometown only, but now, it is flying to most of the hot destinations in Africa, too like Abidjan, Accra, Banjul, Douala, Freetown, Johannesburg, Kinshasa & many others. Also Arik Air is operating from Lagos to JFK (John F. Kennedy International Airport) in United States.

Arik Air Luggage Allowance:

Arik Air offers the best luggage allowance to travel towards Nigeria from London Heathrow, which is:

1). Economy Class: 72 kgs in total per passenger (Adult or Child): 02 check-in bags of 30 kgs each & one hand luggage of 10 kgs.

2). Business Class: 102 kgs in total per passenger (Adult or Child): 03 check-in bags of 30 kgs each & one hand luggage of 10 kgs.

For Excess bag, one passenger can take up to 10 check-in bags at a time, includes 02 check-in bags, already booked. But for every extra bag, they need to pay £90 at the airport.

Arik Air Online Check In:

Arik Air also has started an option for Online Check in for their respected clients, so they can avoid standing in long queues at the airport & confirm it in advance at sitting home or work, to save time. It is open 24 hrs before the flight departure and closes 03 hrs before the flight takes off.

Arik Air Special Offers:

Arik Air also offers special fares for their respected clients to travel to their hometown in low seasons & holidays like Easter, Summer & Winter.

Plus, if client needs special assistance in any flights booking with Arik Air, we are here to assist them further. Like, if they wish to have seat or food of their choice, we love to serve them up as they require. And if client is unfortunately disabled or can not walk or any issues, we can request the Arik Air airport crew, to take best cares of clients.

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